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Nada Colada

Fuzzy Friday: Nada Colada

For those of us watching our figures because bikini season is around the corner, here’s a skinny cocktail recipe that takes us into the warm weather feel without the heaviness of it’s original inspiration, the Pina Colada.  Meet the “Nada Colada”.  All the flavor, minus the extra fluff. Three ingredients.  Done.  And ahhhhhhh..  refreshing. Nada […]




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 OKC friends, have you seen the latest @splurgeokc magazine? You should! I'm checking out some of the city's hot spots to dine and shop. I picked mine up last night at @cafe501. And featuring the beautiful @con_frankie from @givemeliberte #greatfinds  You know you're Greek if.... YiaYia brings koulouria to the soccer game. #mylife #Saturday  TGIF and that means cocktails on the blog....and it's a skinny cocktail too! Cheers to the weekend! #fuzzyfridays {LINK IN BIO}
 Sunday dress. Navy, nude and blush.  True story. Happening now. Sigh.  Rosemary and chamomile tea this afternoon as part of my pampering and relaxation and ahhhhhhhhh... I can't wait to share more with you!
 #regram @honestlymargo #saturdayselfie minus the filter.   Sometimes working late on a Friday is how we have to roll.. I mean, she's in school all day, right? BIG things ahead. Stay tuned! @honestlymargo #teenentrepreneur #momager #bosschic  Sip and shop happening now at @ckandcompany with @lifesquire concierge services. Drawings, shopping, treats and a good time!
 You haven't had shrimp and grits till you've had this. Can I say TO DIE FOR. Omg @cafe501 my taste buds are in heaven!  My idea of a statement necklace, a geode, druzy or anything of the sorts. ... And a bit pink from some sun  @kellifrance #francypantsfashionfeature for you love!  Today's threads. And my simple but awesome jewelry I'm loving from @rocksbox. Have you tried it yet? You don't know what you're missing! Get a FREE month using my code OPLIFEXOXO. You're welcome!
 It feels pretty good to have a rainbow beneath me. The pot of gold should be close by!  Doing a little home fluffing and trying to get my family room DONE! Framing a big opening with a smokey mirror. Which frame? #decisions  Now that the storm is behind us and there were rainbows that came from it, I'm talking statement shoes on the blog. Shoes that pop a bit... Take a look for the details! {LINK IN BIO}

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Fabulous New Life: 2Dont be like the reThe Philadelphia Sto
TBO says: When I firAthens Acropolis.. GTry Fabulous!!  Abso
Please follow board #ValentinesDay #chanBad bitch. H-town.
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Nada Colada

Fuzzy Friday: Nada Colada

For those of us watching our figures because bikini season is around the corner, here’s a skinny cocktail recipe that takes us into the warm weather feel without the heaviness of it’s original inspiration, the Pina Colada.  Meet the “Nada Colada”.  All the flavor, minus the extra fluff. Three ingredients.  Done.  And ahhhhhhh..  refreshing. Nada […]

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Statement Shoes

Do you ever feel we wear the same styles and same types of thing over and over again?  I certainly do, I call it my “uniform”.  Bring on nudes, blush, heather grey, browns, black, and while.  Yup.  Same ole thing.  And I really don’t have an issue with it to be honest because it’s what […]

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Nicole Miller Military Jacket

Shop Your Closet: Spring Neutrals

If you’ve followed me for any amount of time, you know I like to buy some choice pieces of clothing that have style, but are timeless.  So I recently pulled out this Nicole Miller military jacket I bought at Ruth Meyers (now R. Meyers)  in Oklahoma City, I kid you not, I want to say […]

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Competition quote

Let’s Be Like Flowers…

Happy First Monday of Spring! Can I get an “ahhhhhhhh”?  Spring for me represents freshness, newness, a rebirth, growth and new energy. I thought I’d let the flowers in bloom bring us our source of inspiration as we start our week and season, too.   Truth, right? Just be the flower you were meant to […]

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Spring Breakin

As I’m getting into the thick of spring break with my family, I wanted to keep things real here. Spring break began last week and we actually did end up taking a little out-of-town venture to spend time with family.  One of the most beautiful people I had the honor of calling aunt left our […]

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Spring Nails 2015 Negative Space Nails

Spring Trends 2015: Nails

As we make our shift into spring, feeling it already (and oh so wonderful does it feel!), some trends are popping up that are new and different, while other styles remain.  And one thing that’s true is that history repeats itself.  Today we’re looking spring nail trends 2015.  Fresh off the NYFW runways, here are […]

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Shop Your Closet: Spring Stripes

One of this spring’s trends is stripes.  We’re seeing it everywhere, so I decided to pull out one of my striped dresses I’ve had for a while and couldn’t part with it for several reasons.  I love the detail on the shoulders and the side little tie. Second, it’s pretty much a classic style, and […]

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Matouk Luxury Linens at Luxe Objects

Our bedrooms sometimes can be one of the most overlooked places in our homes.  Yet, it’s probably one of the most important ones.  It’s where we rest and sleep and it’s our private place of solitude and retreat.  Unless, of course, we have workout equipment with laundry hanging on it! (just kidding!  but those of […]

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40 effed up things about being 40

40 Effed Up Things About Being 40

This past week marks another year gone by in my life.  It’s not a milestone birthday, however, there are so many things that are making me feel way older than I feel, if that makes any sense at all.  Nevermind the fact that I don’t see nearly as many 40 somethings blogging as I do […]

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Fuzzy Friday: Kahlua Hot Chocolate

It’s my belief that we are about to turn the corner and see some sunlight and warmer days ahead of us.  After some late winter precipitation not normal for us Oklahoman’s, I thought I’d share one last drink to keep us warm and cozy.  If you’re a chocoholic, this might be just the thing for […]

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Shop Your Closet: White on White

Spring is around the corner, right?  Please someone say YES.  It surely HAS to be!  I’m dreaming of it to come sooner than later, and I think it’s time, already, don’t you? Dreaming of whites on whites and creams and flowing fabrics with a bit of a straight lined boss chic kinda way…   Helmut […]

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Fuzzy Friday: Snickerdoodle Martinis

This super yummmmmmy concoction is something if you say too loud, the kids will come running and want some.  And although it looks kinda fancy, it’s the simplest thing to make.  If you’re craving cookies, this is definitely a drink to make.  Maybe an alternative to dessert?  Serve up this sweet treat.  I put my […]

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Rocksbox Baubles

Wouldn’t it be so nice if there was a try before you buy system set up for all of your pretty sparkly things?  I mean let’s face it.  Trends come and go and we want to stay up with what’s the hottest styles, and yet know what goes with what we have.  And the biggest […]

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Mid Century Modern Living Rooms

You all know I love to mix old with new, and one design style we’re seeing lots of is the mid-century modern style.  So, today Jane at Modernize is sharing some examples with us and some things to look for. The mid-century modern style is showing a huge surge in popularity these days, and it’s […]

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Shop Your Closet: Casual Diva

There are definitely clothes that make us feel certain ways and influence our moods and confidence.  I always prefer to wear things that bring out my inner she-ra, even if it’s casual for the day.  That is definitely what this outfit did for me.  If you want to know what to wear to feel like […]

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Fuzzy Friday: Spring Wannabe

This Oklahoma weather has been so crazy, which is really by no surprise.  We have freezing temps one day and then 70’s the next, and throw in an earthquake to the mix.  Oh what fun!  Well, all of this hormonal weather is making me wish spring would just get here already.  With March just around […]

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DIY Dry Erase Board

Our schedules right now are so crazy with different sports, practices, not to mention, “hey mom, can you get me this at the store?…  I need things for a school project…  Mail this package…”  Having some kind of message board I thought might be helpful. Even if not for messages to each other, even “notes […]

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Blush Nude Bags

Blush Bags

If you’ve followed me for any bit of time, you know one of the colors I’m into for many things is nudes.  This coming spring, one of the hottest colors you’ll see out there is Blush.  I consider it an offshoot from the nudes because it goes with just about everything and every skintone, it […]

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Fruit Cubes

I can’t remember the last time I used ice cube trays to make ice cubes in my freezer.  Many of you reading this might have no idea what I’m talking about because, well, this just dates me and you were probably born after every refrigerator had ice makers in them.  I bought these decades ago […]

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