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Fuzzy Friday: Citrus Spritzer

I swear it feels like Christmas was JUST yesterday!  Does it not feel like that for you too?  Or is it just me?  Well, here we are, the 3 day weekend the marks the kickoff of summer, Memorial Day.  It just blows me away.  Some people will be hanging at the house catching up on […]




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 #Latergram from the weekend.. Games people play... And we play lots. This time was a good time. #jackpot Still the weekend is a fog to me...  When your koumbara says she made the most unreal dessert, you say BE THERE IN A MINUTE! Just a morsel is all I needed of this bit of heaven, billionaire cookie dough bars.  I just couldn't help myself! Oh my! @balliets @miumiu
 My life. Travel. Casino. New babies in the family. Teens teens teens. And drinks for mom... And what day is this? I have no idea. True story. Happy Memorial Day!  Moms and girls lunch day. And finals are done! Always so yummy @gustookc @YelpOKC #lifestyleblogger #oklahomablogger  Thinking about travel and sunsets. This plus a few other pieces to mix and match with today on the blog. to see how I mixed this outfit up. @givemeliberte @classencurve @herveleger
 When big sister and her peeps occupy the upstairs play room, a guys gotta do what a guys gotta do. He found a quiet spot in my bedroom. A snippet of our wild Memorial Day Weekend... If you only knew!   I'm excited to use my new #lillyfortarget drink stirrers because it's #fuzzyfriday on the blog today. See what I'm serving up for the holiday weekend. Cheers!   @Target @eddieborgo a fabulous collaboration just announced. Pretty exciting stuff here!
 Detoxing before kicking off the weekend at the sauna at the @bodywrapspalonokc. So relaxing! Happy Saturday! #detoxing #healthyliving  I'm crazy about this box the kids got me.. They know me too well!! It's perfect on the coffee table for all our remotes. Thank you @luxeobjects!  A sneak peek at what's lined up on the blog tomorrow. Getting ready for Memorial Day Weekend and traveling.. tomorrow to get all the details.
 Today's #outfitoftheday consisted of these. I love my @hunterboots but it's Memorial Day weekend. It needs to be swimming pool weather. Agree?  I do so many things that I wanted a simple card with just my name, number and email. These are a pale blush with gold foil and are perfection. Thank you @minted for my new cards!  This WAS my #outfitoftheday.. Till the cool front came in with the rain... But it had been forever since I pulled out these favorite wedges @miumiu so that's ok right?

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Fuzzy Friday: Citrus Spritzer

I swear it feels like Christmas was JUST yesterday!  Does it not feel like that for you too?  Or is it just me?  Well, here we are, the 3 day weekend the marks the kickoff of summer, Memorial Day.  It just blows me away.  Some people will be hanging at the house catching up on […]

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What To Wear: Travel Day To Night

With Memorial Day just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking more about travel and packing purposefully and what to wear and how to look fabulous and feel fabulous all in one.  So I’ve pulled together 4 pieces from Liberte’ in Oklahoma City that are just that.  These 4 pieces are all you need and […]

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How To Style Your Shelfie

You’ll see home accessories on the blog often.  I know, yes more.  But to me, accessories for our homes are like the sprinkles of jewelry are to our look that we’re wearing.  The big heavier things, our furniture remains.  So these added sprinkles are the things we can change up to freshen and change things […]

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Fuzzy Friday: Ruby Rebel

Oh boy is this momma needing some fuzzies.  When our cup runneth over with stuff, it REALLY runneth over.  All good.  All things I said OK YES.  And it’s all in abundance.  Blessings I’m totally thankful for and thankful to be a part of. So on that note, this momma needs some fuzzy!  Enter Ruby […]

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10 Tips To Style Your Bookshelves

For those of you following me for some time, if you recall, a LONG time ago (because sometimes I get distracted with life and all the things I do!) I started to redo my family room and bar.  Remember that?  That was this past November.  See it HERE.  Why HELLO MAY!  It’s SO delightful to […]

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What To Wear: Elegant Dinner Party

“Less Is More” is one of my favorite fashion mottos.  Especially when you have fabulous accessories and shoes that have detail on them, let everything be simple and let those pieces do all the talking.  Looking for a classic “Audrey Hepburn” elegant dinner look, here’s something I suggest.  I paired a simple navy dress with […]

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5 Minutes 5 Workouts

As much as I’d like to make it to the gym daily, the reality is the fact that I just don’t always have the time.  And yes I know there are LOTS of things I can do without going to the gym, but I still NEED THE TIME!  For me personally, here are my excuses […]

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Heels, On Purpose

“Killed leg day and got a new pair of shoes!!”Every time I put on heels, I think of Irene Gianos awesome blog The OP Life!!!” — Thank you sweet Natasha for this sweet comment on her picture on her Facebook of her fabulous new pink heels.  LOVE that you think of me when you put on your heels! … […]

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Splurge on Mom

In case you haven’t seen, there’s a new magazine that’s hitting the boutiques in Oklahoma City.  SPLURGE! is the premier lifestyle, people and fashion magazine in Oklahoma City.  And I’m delighted to be one of the contributors and this month is my premier month.  So I thought we’d “splurge” on some picks for gifts for mom, […]

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Fuzzy Friday: Pineapple Plush

Fuzzy Friday means cheers to the weekend.  And can I just say, whew!… but it’s only just begun for me! {wink!}  A little fruity vodka concoction I share with you today…  shake and dump it out.  That doesn’t sound that appealing, but that’s how you do it, because on this little number, we’re using frozen […]

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Matte Nails

I have a confession to make.  I’m a sucker when it comes to going to Target, CVS, Walgreen’s, and I pass a great lip or nail display.  It’s very very hard for me to leave empty handed.   There.  I said it and got it off my chest. So needless to day I have a […]

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Skinnygirl Sangria Cocktail

Fuzzy Friday: Skinnygirl Sangria Cocktail

Sometimes the drinks we just pour and go are just what we need, especially if we’re in a pinch, unexpected company comes over, or just don’t want to mess with the fuss. That’s where cocktails like Skinnygirl drinks are the best!  They’re super low calorie, they’re yum, and they’re perfect on their own or mixed […]

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Baked Chicken and Angel Hair

I whipped up a little din din on the fly, of course didn’t think a thing of it.  Like, the way I make most of my things, it’s really a splish of this and sprinkle of that, because that’s kinda how most of us Greeks do it.  And such was the case last night.  But […]

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Your Biggest Closet Questions Answered

Beautiful and organized closets are one of my obsessions.  I don’t know why that is, but it is.  Maybe because it’s such a personal space and seeing it all organized is kinda feng shui and brings a sense of zen to us, especially with things we love in that space.  I can’t say that my […]

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Lilly For Target

You guys know how much I LOVE an amazing collaboration between one of my ABSOLUTE favorite stores, Target, with some fabulous designers.  And April 19 marks another one of those launch dates.     They’ve done it again.  Welcome Lilli Pulitzer for Target!  {Lilli For Target} These energetic, bright, fanciful preppy and cabana-chic prints come to […]

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Fuzzy Friday: The Irish Relaxer

Spring is full of rainy days and lots of those days are kinda chilly, and this week was one of those weeks.  One of these chilly rainy afternoons, I decided to make myself a cup of coffee because it just sounded good…  note that I’m not a regular coffee drinker. And I didn’t want it […]

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Strengths Finder Top Five

Know Your Strengths

Wouldn’t it be great to have a tool that could help you get a better understanding of who YOU are so you can be the BEST version of yourself as well as having an understanding of those around you so you can go thru life with less stress, more joy, more fun, more peace, living […]

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