Black Jumpsuit, Part 2

Last week I shared with you my LBJ.  My black jumpsuit that I’ve had in my closet for some time, that was a fab find from way back when.  I look at this piece as a blank canvas for you to showcase your own sense of style:

  • with your bag
  • with your shoes
  • with your jewelry
  • with scarves
  • with even a wrap or jacket

No jumpsuit?  NO problem!  Guess what?  ALL of these lovelies are on SALE! (my FAVORITE four letter word!)



1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6


Take your pick!  Happy shopping!


A Few Pin Highlights and a Video

Today, I’m talking Pinterest.   I am a Pinsomniac.  Once I start I can’t stop.  So much so that my phone app crashes.  Does that happen to you?  Well, anyhoo, I love Pinterest, and I’m not always on it only because it sucks me in, but it’s another place to see what I’m loving and what inspires me.  I think it’s a place that really takes us to what we “aspire to”…  I know for CERTAIN businesses flourish because of it, because of its visual media that it is.  I know FIRSTHAND businesses have reaped the benefits of MY purchases because of Pinterest {guilty smile!}

If you haven’t gotten on the Pinterest bandwagon, I can say two things…  1) you donno what you’re missing  and 2) you probably get more done than the rest of us pinaholics.

So today I’m sharing with you a few pins from a few of my fave boards…

Hair and Beauty (because we all love to be purrrrrrty)











Living Areas (well, because that’s where we live, right?)










Delish (for all those things we THINK we’re going to whip up in the kitchen that we really never end up doing and thank GOD because if we did them all we’d weigh 400 lbs!)  (consider it a cookbook, but all pictures) (I’m in the process of categorizing …)











Looks I Love (because I love these looks, they range from sexy to conservative to casual to dressy, and dream of one day being taller than 5’1”)









Feel free to follow me on these boards, or ALL of my boards on Pinterest… I have lots of boards with lots of great stuff.  These are just a few.  If you think pinning is awesome, or if you’ve not a big pinner, I think everyone can get a huge laugh out of this video….   And I think lots of women will just crack up because well….  that’s kinda how some girls roll.  HA!



“…. hang on… I’m still PINNING for the past 26 hours!!!…..”




Yemista: Greek Cuisine

Last week we hit all time record low temps…  so cool that I felt like I needed a jacket on some days.  And the sun wasn’t wanting to peek his head out either.  So it being cold and gray it definitely felt like comfort food.  Coupled with the fact that my family actually REQUESTED a major Greek meal.  When people find out my ethnic background one of the many questions I get asked it DO YOU COOK LOTS OF GREEK FOOD.  And the answer is truly no.  Not that much.  Why?  It’s heavier than I care to eat.  It takes a lot of prep time.  You can’t make just a little bit for the effort and time you put in.  So I don’t do these BIG things that often.  But they’re SO yummy, I had to share it with all of you!

On the menu, Yemista.  That translates to STUFFED.  Yes.  Stuffed.  But really it means stuffed tomatoes, peppers, and some love eggplant.  I don’t.  I just do the tomatoes and peppers.  You can stuff it with ground beef and rice, but I prefer just rice.  It’s a popular dish during the summer in Greece and it’s one of my faves.  It is simple and easy?  Well…  it’s not hard…  it’s just time consuming in the prep work.  Other than that, it’s all good!  Ready?  Let’s get cookin!

The goods….

  • Big tomatoes
  • Big green peppers
  • White rice
  • Yellow onion
  • Head of garlic
  • Fresh basil
  • Parlsey
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Potatoes to cook with them in the pan

Notice I didn’t give measurements.  This is because this is how I was taught and this is how I’m teaching you, so my apologies in advance if you can’t do it like this….  really it’s all just kinda eyeballing everything, and tasting as you go.


Yemista Ingredients The OP Life


When picking out your veggies that you’re going to be stuffing, hold them upright in your hand to make sure they can balance and sit upright in your pan.


How to select your tomatoes for Yemista The OP Life


First wash your tomatoes and peppers and slice off the tops, one at at time.  Scoop out the insides…  The peppers I threw out the insides and made sure there were no seeds left.  The tomatoes I scooped out the guts into a bowl, then poured it thru a sieve, saved the juice in one bowl, and the fleshy part in the other.  I tried get rid of as much of the seeds as I could and chopped up as much of the fleshy part as I could into tiny pieces.  …  So you have a bowl of tomato juice and a bowl of the insides of the tomato cut up…


Scooped tomatoes The OP Life


Chop up the onion and mince your garlic.  I used one whole onion and one whole garlic clove.


Onions and Garlic for Yemista The OP Life


So at this point I have a pan with my empty tomatoes and peppers, lids placed back on top.  Just sitting and waiting for the stuffing to be made…


I then moved to the stove and sautéed the onion till translucent, then added in the garlic…  in QUITE a bit of olive oil.  There is no Pam in this one!  LOTS of oil is needed for this to have the flavors be so amazing…   Once I sautéed the garlic with the onion a bit longer,  I added the chopped up parsley and basil, the tomatoes and tomato juices….


Cooking the stuffing The OP Life


I let this sauté a bit longer….


2014-07-17 14.43.02


I then added water and the rice and let it cook till it was almost done….   How much?  Well…. lets just say my pot was FULL and I WAY over estimated :)….  I kept adding water and oil, water and oil, and more salt and pepper…  and I only used about 1/3 of the rice mixture.   You want to make sure your rice is isn’t dry.  You want it sill kinda wet-ish….

Then I moved back to the island and stuffed the peppers and tomatoes about halfway full and placed their tops back on them…

I also peeled and quartered some potatoes and tossed them in amongst the peppers and tomatoes.    I poured MORE olive oil all over the potatoes and the peppers and tomatoes after they were closed with their tops on, stuffed.  I wanted them glistening also so that they wouldn’t crack as much in the oven too.  Once I did that I sprinkled MORE salt and pepper on the outsides of them, and even a splash of garlic powder just for flavor.


Yemista 2 The OP Life


I baked them in the oven at 425 for about an hour and a half…   I could tell when they were turning brown it was time!  I wanted to be sure the potatoes were cooked.

And here’s what we got… drumroll please!



2014-07-17 17.06.01



Yemista 4 The OP Life


Oh so yummy goodness…  I can’t even begin to tell you!   It made my kids think of YiaYia’s cooking and totally made them say “WE MISS GREECE!”…  It was THAT awesome and totally worth the effort!


Looking On The Bright Side: #LOTBS

I want this to go as viral as we can.   So does Prissy.

Remember my post on my friend who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and we talked about hair and fashion? In case you missed it, here it is.  Anyhoo….  Here’s a little follow up….


She Shaved, He Shaved.  Love.  Prissymag


She shaved…. and so did her husband.    And she posted this…. which THIS is where I’d love for this to go viral… not necessarily my post, but this HASHTAG: #lotbs


Looking on the Bright Side #LOTBS  The OP Life


I immediately thought of that hashtag… “LOOKING ON THE BRIGHT SIDE”…  #LOTBS…   So as we go through OUR days of disappointment or sadness or things that seem to not be going OUR way….  how about looking at the things we’re GRATEFUL for….  #LOTBS.  Right?

Feel free to use this on Instagram, on your twitter, on Facebook…  just use it.  We’d love for everyone to think of what they have to be grateful for.

I’ll begin…  Today is July 18…  traditionally the dog days of summer…  It’s usually BLISTERING hot out.  Not today! Today, it’s gray and rainy and 63 with a high of 75.  I call that a pretty fantastic relief of the heat.  #LOTBS

Here’s to #lotbs {wink!}.  On Purpose in life.

Happy Friday loves!



The Black Jumpsuit

I love to talk about building “wardrobes” and classic pieces that have style but yet are timeless.  The little black dress is a must have, and I’ve talked about that before.  But what about the LBJ {wink}. I’m talking about a black jumpsuit.  Jumpsuits have made a big comeback, but it’s something I’ve loved forever.  In fact, I’m embarrassed to say, the piece I’m wearing today I’ve had in my closet way before the past few years.  But like I’ve said before, if its a great piece and a classic style, I consider it a staple to keep.  Why get rid of it?


Black Jumpsuit The OP Life



Black Jumpsuit  2 The OP Life


Pair it with a wow bag.  I wore my Prada flames clutch…


Black Jumpsuit 4 The OP Life


Make it as busy, as fun, as sleek as you want with your accessories.  The black is a simple canvas for you to show your flair and style.


Black Jumpsuit 3 The OP Life


Simple shoes I picked up while traveling in Greece last year…


Nude Greek Gladiator Heels The OP Life



Jumpsuit (similar) / Bag (alternative) / Shoes (alternative) / Sunglasses (here)  / Cuff (on SALE!)

Next week, I’m going to pull some options for you to get this look…  stay tuned!



Hollywood Regency Decor

I’ll never forget a wedding I went to in Palm Springs and we stayed at the Viceroy.  This was when I was prego with my son, which is about 11 years ago.  Take a look at the room we were in.  They look the same today as they did then…



Prior to that trip, I always into Country French and loved antiques (I still do love great old pieces), but I couldn’t help fall in love with the clean lines and just the simplicity and “Hollywood” it felt like.  That was my first exposure to Kelly Wearstler, and really being immersed into this Hollywood Regency style of interior design.

So OUT with some of my curvy furniture and IN with my mirrors and gold and straight lines and bold patterns and colors.


I found a few rooms I thought I’d share that I’m kinda in love with….
















(images via Houzz)


Do you love these?  Which is your favorite?

Next week I’m going to pull some things together that can help you to incorporate a bit of Hollywood Regency Glam into your space.




To Line Or Not To Line

When I’m working from home and don’t have many people to see, I keep things pretty casual, and with that goes my makeup.  I don’t do the full eye shadows and major lips (well, I do usually do up my lips… but I’m a nude girl, remember? I got chatty about it here and here…), but sometimes I line my lids and sometimes I don’t.

What’s the difference?


2014-07-14 10.37.28

No lined lids…  keeping things simple….



2014-07-14 10.43.29

A little bit of wing action….

So here’s how I roll…  Really depending upon my mood to be quite honest.  But nights, the full out liner and then some on the drama on how much and shadows.  The bottom I almost always line gently with an ebony soft pencil.  I find using a liquid liner on top gives a sharper, more defined look.  (Photos haven’t been touched up, edited or photoshopped…  you’re lookin at moi.)

(Clearly I was in the sun the day before taking this picture, and my hairline didn’t get the SPF needed… feel free to ignore my redness!)


Top eyeliner with and without The OP Life



And here are my goods…


Eye liners and shadows The OP Life


Top Lid Liner /  Naked 2 (free shipping!) / Mascara / Lower Liner


What do you think?  To line or not to line?


Traveling? Look At These Bags

Anyone who knows me knows I call myself the “bag whore.”  I am not kidding you.  Bags are my thing.  For some women it’s shoes, and yes, I can’t say I don’t love shoes, but there’s something about wearing a great bag that I love.  I can’t have enough. … being my authentic self here…  I’ve gotten messages from people saying I need help (I kid you not!), none needed, thanks!  HA! But I look at them as fabulous accessories that have a form and function AND that are pleasing to the eye that completes our look.

Make sense?

So now read that again… FORM AND FUNCTION.  Well, this is the time of year most known for travel.  We’re in the thick of summer vacationing and as the mama of the house, we gotta have all our s**t together, from aspirin to travel documents to wipes to kleenex to you name it.  Today’s post is my 2014 post on “YOU DON’T NEED A BABY FOR THIS BAG”.  Ya.. one of my most popular posts believe it or not, was THIS one I did last year.

So lemme show you the goods and we’ll discuss the why below and it’ll all make sense. {wink!}


Travel Bag not for the baby The OP Life




1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6


When we travel, we need bags that are roomy AND have the compartments to find all the s**t that we’re taking to and fro…  am I right?  Chargers, cameras, pills, hand sanitizer, lip balms, mints, gum, bottled water, yadda yadda…  What could be MORE appropriate than a BABY BAG!  I mean seriously, other than them throwing in a changing pad, it’s just a big bag full of awesome pockets, compartments, zippered pouches, that you can put things into AND keep it all organized.  I swear, it’s one of my FAVORITE travel tips ever!

And you don’t have to have baby blue or light pink with elephants or giraffes on it either….  unless you want that.



OPI + ACE = merging of beauty and home

What if you could take one of your FAVORITE nail polishes and paint your walls that color?  Have you ever fallen in love with a color so much that you wish that you could do that?

Now you can.  Just launched yesterday, OPI nail polish has teamed up with ACE Hardware to bring you a collection of paint colors chosen exclusively for their line Clark + Kensington.


OPI Banner Clark+Kensington



OPI Clark+Kensington Colors 1 The OP Life OPI Clark+Kensington Colors 2 The OP Life OPI Clark+Kensington Colors 3 The OP Life

Here are a few rooms they’ve put together using these palates from OPI’s collection….














What do you think?  What’s your favorite?

If you’re planning any home improvement projects for the weekend, here’s a place to start when it comes to your paint colors.


Happy Friday!


Unique Finds: Free People Skirt

I was recently talking to a friend about my style… both for the home and for my wardrobe.  So I thought I’d share one of my philosophies on shopping.  Because I think I’m a self proclaimed expert at this shopping thing. {wink!}


Free People Toule The OP Life


I recently came across this INCREDIBLE amazing skirt from Free People on one of my recent visits to Nordstrom Rack.   I wasn’t looking for a skirt, especially a pink, fluffy, tulle cotton candy skirt.  But it was the only one left and it looked FABULOUS.  I SNATCHED it up like the best and last piece of candy in a candy dish!


Free People Toule 2 The OP Life


It’s one of those pieces I can keep in my closet and wear it so many ways for so many things, believe it or not.


Free People Toule 3 The OP Life


I paired it with a FABULOUS tank top from…..  TARGET.   You’d never know that was from Target because of the very cool black on black print.   Wore an amazing necklace from Liberte’, fab shoes I’ve had in my closet that are classics by Elie Tahari (an alternative), and a basic gold Jimmy Choo clutch (similar Choo Choo).


Free People Toule 4 The OP Life


Note:  Subtle details in the tank top, the wowzer factor in the skirt, and the accessories are a minimum but still enough to pull it all together.  Designer brands are just the extras.

Here’s the key thing to know about this…


Elie Tahari Cage Sandals w Toule Skirt The OP Life


When you find unique and fabulous pieces especially at great prices, snatch em up.  Stick em in your closet.  Then you’ll have that SPECIAL thing to wear when an occasion comes up.  You don’t have to buy a whole look that sits on a mannequin in a store front.  Mix it up to make it interesting and unique and YOU.

I can wear as shown, throw on a jean jacket, wear a white t with it…  The options are endless.

What do you think?


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