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Doubling the size of a room with mirrors

Double the Size of a Room With Mirrors

Most people decide to either paint walls or wallpaper walls.  How about mirror the walls?  I’ve always loved the idea of using mirror on a wall not only because of its simplicity, but it’s ability make the room appear larger.  It’s an illusion, but it works its magic beautifully especially if your space that you’re […]




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 Today's threads... Colorblocking with cashmere, because I won't be wearing it much longer with spring around the corner @vince @ditaeyewear @vitafede  Today on the blog, doubling the size of your room with mirrors. ... And if you keep a close eye on my feed, I'll show you one of my rooms that I did that very thing.  Thank you @nicolelapin for sending me your new BEST SELLER Rich Bitch. You're a rockstar, and I can't wait to jump into it! #girlpower
 What happens when it's a snow day? They sled before it all melts away... And then there's the post sledding gathering... How many pairs of snow boots and gear can you count? #lifewithteenagers  No complaints. It's good to be here. Another day given. Another month. Another year. Blessed.... Oh and the food here, ya it's the bomb too!  #latergram @cafe501 @classencurve @beverlyfeldman  I can't believe it has been two years that I helped my daughter launch her company. That seems unreal! My job as mom has been taken to a whole new level. I couldn't be more proud than to say this cool hip chic is my girl. HAPPY BIRTHDAY @honestlymargo! Here's to more boutiques, more customers, more inspiration to others, and of course here's to more SOFT MOIST LIPS!  your momager!
 On this snow day, I dream of the beach, travel, escape, my roots, the motherland. #tbt #throwback  Whites on whites, with a hint of cream, and wishing spring would finally show its face soon! @ckandcompany @helmutlang  I cannot wait to get my nails lacquered with this fabulous polish. I don't know what I love more... The sculptured bottle? Their awesome colors? Or the fact that they last forever, perfect for those of us who don't do gel or shellac? Either way, I'm obsessed with these! @dryshop @smithandcult
 So here's my bathroom, using the same thing I talked about on the blog. Mirrors to enlarge the space.... Have a little updating to do... That's a whole other subject! More details about this and other spaces on the blog. .. Note the amateur photographer in the corner!   A glimpse of what's on the blog to... White on white. @ckandcompany  Truth. If this is you, raise your hand! #happeningnow ✋
 They went a little overboard. Wow. Thankful, blessed, appreciative... And kinda speechless.  One for me and one for you... Or "D squared".. @dominomag. For the obsessed. @couturezoo, this beautiful magazine is on its way soon to you! #leopardsister  Someone is ready for bed.

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Shop Your Closet: White on White

Spring is around the corner, right?  Please someone say YES.  It surely HAS to be!  I’m dreaming of it to come sooner than later, and I think it’s time, already, don’t you? Dreaming of whites on whites and creams and flowing fabrics with a bit of a straight lined boss chic kinda way…   Helmut […]

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Fuzzy Friday: Snickerdoodle Martinis

This super yummmmmmy concoction is something if you say too loud, the kids will come running and want some.  And although it looks kinda fancy, it’s the simplest thing to make.  If you’re craving cookies, this is definitely a drink to make.  Maybe an alternative to dessert?  Serve up this sweet treat.  I put my […]

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Rocksbox Baubles

Wouldn’t it be so nice if there was a try before you buy system set up for all of your pretty sparkly things?  I mean let’s face it.  Trends come and go and we want to stay up with what’s the hottest styles, and yet know what goes with what we have.  And the biggest […]

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Mid Century Modern Living Rooms

You all know I love to mix old with new, and one design style we’re seeing lots of is the mid-century modern style.  So, today Jane at Modernize is sharing some examples with us and some things to look for. The mid-century modern style is showing a huge surge in popularity these days, and it’s […]

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Shop Your Closet: Casual Diva

There are definitely clothes that make us feel certain ways and influence our moods and confidence.  I always prefer to wear things that bring out my inner she-ra, even if it’s casual for the day.  That is definitely what this outfit did for me.  If you want to know what to wear to feel like […]

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Fuzzy Friday: Spring Wannabe

This Oklahoma weather has been so crazy, which is really by no surprise.  We have freezing temps one day and then 70’s the next, and throw in an earthquake to the mix.  Oh what fun!  Well, all of this hormonal weather is making me wish spring would just get here already.  With March just around […]

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DIY Dry Erase Board

Our schedules right now are so crazy with different sports, practices, not to mention, “hey mom, can you get me this at the store?…  I need things for a school project…  Mail this package…”  Having some kind of message board I thought might be helpful. Even if not for messages to each other, even “notes […]

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Blush Nude Bags

Blush Bags

If you’ve followed me for any bit of time, you know one of the colors I’m into for many things is nudes.  This coming spring, one of the hottest colors you’ll see out there is Blush.  I consider it an offshoot from the nudes because it goes with just about everything and every skintone, it […]

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Fruit Cubes

I can’t remember the last time I used ice cube trays to make ice cubes in my freezer.  Many of you reading this might have no idea what I’m talking about because, well, this just dates me and you were probably born after every refrigerator had ice makers in them.  I bought these decades ago […]

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Valentine's Day Pink Drink Idea

Fuzzy Friday: Kinky Pinkies

I had to have fun with this.  With Valentine’s Day being this weekend, I wanted to create something sweet and fun and a bit sexy…. and of course PINK.  So as your mixologist, I created this Valentine’s Day Pink Drink idea. So I found this fun liquor that had a blend of wonderful fruits to entice […]

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Shop Your Closet: Casual Ponchos

Ponchos have never been a huge thing for me but I do think they look pretty great so I thought I’d try one out.  Earlier this winter I stumbled across this fabulous fur hooded poncho at Take Out Treasures in Oklahoma City.  Starting out as just a jewelry and accessory store, this gem of a […]

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10 Dream Closets I’m Coveting

What is it about closets that “have me at HELLO” I have no idea.  Is it that I just love the organization of it?  That everything seems to have it’s place and it seems so “perfect” (because I am a perfectionist)?  Is it because it’s the “home” for all of the things I find lovely […]

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Fuzzy Friday: Chocolate Russian

It’s still bitter cold out and so I’m in the mood for something to warm me up.  Kinda like comfort food, but in the likes of a cocktail, because after all, it IS Friday, and that means, Fuzzy Friday time.     Chocolate Russian 2 oz Kahlua 1 oz vodka hot cocoa Pour Kahlua and […]

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Shop Your Closet: Casual Winter Brunch

It’s still winter, and it’s still cold, so if you’re going to a weekend brunch and then going to take on the day, some thoughts on what to wear to make a fashion statement for the morning that will carry you throughout the day.   This isn’t the “pearls and sweater twinset” “country-club” kinda brunch. […]

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Shop Your Closet: Edgy Casual

I was recently out and about in one of my favorite shops in Oklahoma City, CK and Company, and came across this new line they are carring, Pam and Gela.  The girls who brought us Juicy Couture bring us this hip line.  It was totally my style.  Fun, edgy, contemporary pieces that are super casual […]

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In the Kitchen: Pink Dip

You know when it’s good to have some things always in the fridge or the pantry that you can count on being there so you can whip up some goodness if you need it?  That’s this kinda recipe.  With those kinda ingredients.  I tasted this at a neighbors some time ago and I nearly died […]

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Fuzzy Friday: Super Bowl Drinks

It’s that day again that we celebrate a week’s worth of work and (hopefully) a few days of down time, catch up time, or whatever you want or need to do that you can’t do Monday thru Friday.  Because let’s face it, I think most of us can agree, we live this GO GO GO […]

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