A Stylin Friday

You’ve seen my posts this week about fashion (those of you who have been following me know I don’t post about the same topic every day, but this was an unusual week)….  One person commented on Facebook that they didn’t see much that was actually wearable.  True!  Many of the things are really not ready-to-wear, however many were.  But the ones that were not, we should look at that fashion as another form of beautiful art.  Wouldn’t you agree?  All such loveliness… just a few thoughts on the fashion side of it…

But what about style?


Style is who you are - Rachel Zoe - The OP Life



Your personal style…

  • How you put things together.
  • The way you carry yourself.
  • The looks you create, regardless of the price tag.
  • Not wearing a trend just because EVERYONE is wearing it.
  • Dressing for how YOU feel and what you like.
  • Defines you.
  • It’s who YOU are.

It’s always so fun when people tag me on a picture on Instagram or Facebook with some kinda of fashion find, because they know it’s MY style, and my friends can spot it a mile away….

… because it’s me. {wink}

Happy Friday!  (and it’s a GOOD Friday, isn’t it! Kali Anastasi my Orthodox peeps!)



Abi Ferrin

If you follow me on Facebook or any social media, you might have seen me in this halter radiant orchid dress floating around the past few days…


Abi Ferrin - OFW - The OP Life


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Oklahoma Fashion Week, Part 2

I know, more fashion, but I can’t contain myself!  Seriously, Oklahoma put on the most AWESOME show ever, and I was so blessed to be a part of the whole event.  And I’m breaking it down into chunks because simply there is so much to share and I’m just really highlighting for you a glimpse of the fabulous designers that made this fashion show what it was, showcasing their styles, their clothing, their art.  So, bear with me and all the fashion posts this week.  {wink!}

Part 2 of my sharing Oklahoma Fashion Week…   more FABULOUS designers and their creations.  My hope in sharing all of this is that you’re inspired in some way, shape or form to feel a sense a beauty, art and style, and to be intrigued to keep up with me and this group putting this event on.  Something tells me that this won’t be the last show, and it will only get better from here!

For now….  more highlights of incredible designers…


Nine Muses


Nine Muses 2 - OFW - The OP Life


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Isabella Rose Taylor

How many 13 year old, college freshman do you know?  Ones that also own their own company, a clothing line?  Meet Isabella Rose Taylor who is just that.  A beautiful, brilliant young lady I had the pleasure of spending some time with this past weekend for Oklahoma Fashion Week.

I saw Isabella on the Today show several years ago and both my daughter and I were so intrigued and excited to see that talent and drive at such a young age.  And having a teen entrepreneur daughter myself, it was important for me to get the girls together and of course, us moms as well to talk life!



Honestly Margo and Isabella Rose Taylor


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Oklahoma Fashion Week, Part 1

Oklahoma Fashion Week was a huge success and what an epic event it was!  For all who came, you got to experience an afternoon and/or evening of fashion, art, culture, music and LIFE.  What an awesome thing for our city to have.  There is no reason why Oklahoma can’t be as amazing as any other city, and it was proved this last week and weekend.  {I call that being OP, On Purpose! wink!}

So what went down?  Well, the fashion show was broken down into two sessions.  I’m sharing with you today a snapshot of most designers from the earlier session, session one.  Incredible designers to say the least.  This is only a snapshot of what they showed.

I’m sharing photos as well video as seen thru my Google Glass.

Victoria Roberts – Wish Now


Victoria Andrea - Wish Now 1.1 - The OP Life


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A Fashionable Friday

Most of you know I wear many hats.  The biggest hat I wear is my mommy hat.  That means juggling and prioritizing.  But I also love fashion, which, when I heard about there being an Oklahoma Fashion Week, I was very excited to be a part of such a fun event and curious as well what it had in store for our great state and of course fashion!




What is Oklahoma Fashion Week?  It’s a week filled with events sharing music, art, and of course fashion.  These designers are new, hot, up and coming designers, some even local.  Not only showcasing fashion, but this week also is showcasing many local businesses with the various venues and wonderful sponsorships, but also local retailers that are exclusive to some of these lines as well.  More than anything, it’s yet another event that is putting Oklahoma City on the map of growth, excitement and a forward thinking place to be.


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Zara Neoprene Dress

This isn’t a #tbt Throwback Thursday post, but this fabric and this trend I’m seeing DOES make me think of styles from the past.  Neoprene, or as I call it, stretchy bathing-suit type fabric.  {wink}  I’m seeing it everywhere, and if you haven’t yet, you will.  Especially for the coming warmer months.  In geometric, obscure, and floral prints.  Kinda lycra-ish I guess you could say, sucks you in, and kinda pulls you together.

At first I was like hmmmmmm… but then I found some pieces, put them on, and I was like OH WOW, this feels AMAZING!  So needless to say, my closet has more than one piece of neoprene in it.



Zara Neoprene Dress 4 The OP Life


I picked up this little number at Zara on my last visit to Dallas.  There are those nude shoes…. AGAIN, yes, I know.  Are you sick of em yet?


Zara Neoprene Dress 2 - The OP Life



Zara Neoprene Dress 5 The OP Life



The high was supposed to hit 80 today, so I felt like it was a bright sun-shiny day, perfect for a dress like this.



Zara Neoprene Dress The OP Life


Dress / Shoes / Bag (similar)


Semi-Homemade Greek Pork Chops and Potatoes

This was a little din din I whipped up the other night, and as you all know, I seriously just throw stuff together, with no measuring, just whatever.  I think it’s how I was raised, watching my mom add a little of this, a little of that, understanding what seasonings compliment each other, and what don’t.  So, I roll with it.  And anything that is a homemade meal for my family amidst our chaotic evenings with homework, sports, and events and meetings I tend to, easy is KEY.  Seriously, they are NOT casserole peeps, they are NOT crockpot peeps.  So, the meat and potato thing always is a winner in our house.

This little something I threw together combines all the flavors of the traditional Greek foods with the simplicity of the prep.

What you need:

  • pork chops, I prefer thick, bone in or boneless your preference
  • frozen french fries, unseasoned
  • olive oil
  • crazy mixed up salt
  • oregano
  • garlic powder
  • Cavender’s Greek Seasoning
  • fresh lemon

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I love you, deer.

I’m not much of a taxidermy gal.  Something about the dead animal thing on my wall kinda freaks me out.  But I AM a lover of some recreated animal heads….  especially if they’re sparkly and gold!





….  I came across this CUTEST print from the darling Amanda at All Things Pretty

You guys know I have been polishing up my office, trying to make it my “girl cave” (leaving the dark wood in tact as much as I could), so when I spotted these FABULOUS heads at Luxe Objects, I said, “How soon can he be mine?”

Here are a few from the shop….

Dear Head White over bed - The OP Life




Pink and Silver Deer Head - The OP Life




Elephant heads - The OP Life



They come in several sizes, in several ANIMALS, and several colors.   So, how about this…  aqua, white, silver, hot pink, light pink to name a few…  and species?  Your pick:  bison, skulls, sharks, lions, elephants, sharks, T-Rex…  they don’t all have to go on your wall.  They can be on your coffee table, too.  Seriously?  IN LOVE.

So….  here is my pick for my “girl cave.”

My guy……


Pink and Gold Deer The OP Life Girl Cave



My guy in action over the doors…..


The OP Life Girl Cave


I love you, deer.


The 90 – 10 Rule, Re-Stated.

Happy Monday Morning!

Mondays always seem to be a day that we push the reset button for getting things started, and I’ve always enjoyed chatting about healthy matters on Mondays since we seem to have the most sense of focus on that topic on that day of the week, so here I am again.

Kinda a “from the archives” post here, because I’ve talked about it before, but just wanted to mention it again with fresh words.

It’s super simple and easy.  I have to admit I try SUPER hard to live this way, and I think I do for the most part.   We all have seasons that we are most challenged, so that is when I think we need this reinforcement every so often.  (So since I just said that, don’t be surprised if I revisit this matter again in the future!)  Truly one of the most SIMPLE rules to follow I think in maintaining your health and diet.


90 10 Rule - The OP Life




Makes COMPLETE sense if you think about it.  Be good 90% of the time (I call it the “routine” part of life), and you have that 10% to splurge on the good stuff in life! … celebrations, birthdays, holidays, vacations…  And even THEN you STILL can enforce that 90/10 rule.  (I have all sorts of strategies….  so much so that I typically LOSE weight on vacation, for REAL.).

Consider this morsel of info as you begin your week, as you have different events that circumstances that might make your food choices a challenge.

Wanna see more of my thoughts on this?  Take a peek HERE.


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