Puffy Eyes

I’ve been blessed BEYOND blessed with the incredible ability to retain water.   Maybe I was a camel in a previous life?  But I touch salty foods (which UNfortunately is what I’m most drawn to) and POOF!  I blimp up.  I think there are pictures you can DEFINITELY detect my meal the night before…  heck, we could even play the game NAME THAT MEAL, where you can say BAKED BRIE!  MEXICAN!  CHINESE!  PIZZA!  and we have a winner!

So…  now back to the main subject.  The morning after one of these food selections, I feel like a puffy fish.




So it wasn’t long ago (actually, I’ve had a few too many of these meals recently) that I indulged in a meal or two like the above mentioned and had to figure out something to not look so “allergic” the next day.

This is the simplest and easiest thing to do to relieve puffy eyes.  It’s something you might have in your refrigerator already and could even be a key ingredient in some of your eye products already.  It’s something SO simple and SO inexpensive, and yet you’ll feel like you had a mini escape to the spa.

Are you ready?


Cucumber Slices


Cucumber slices.  Yup.  That’s it.  And I’m sure you’ve seen this before in magazines or in other beauty blogs, and even have done this at a spa.  But…. have you done it for yourself at home???





So, not long ago, before I took a shower in the morning I decided to to this because my eyes looked pretty bad.  So I sliced up some cucumbers, placed them in a bowl of ice water, let them sit there for a bit to get nice and cold and crispy, and then I took two and placed them on my eyes and laid down for a bit more.  I had a little washcloth beside me to wipe any little drippings from the side of my eyes.  When my eyes seemed to get used to the coldness, I got up and switched them and placed them back in the bowl and got two new fresh ones.

I felt SO rejuvenated and SO refreshed I couldn’t believe how awesome it felt.  Not only that, puffy eyes went down.  I did take selfies before and after, but seriously, I don’t think you want a fright show here!  So I’ll save you the pain.  But just trust me…  it worked.  And it was AWESOME!

Have you ever done this?  Will you try it now that I shared it with you?  Trust me… if you haven’t tried it, you’ll thank me once you do. {wink!}




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